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I was especially moved....

Posted: March 4, 2015
By: Dr. Randy L. Schulman

September 25. 2002

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178 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, Ct 06854

Dear Drs. Sloves and Joachim,

I wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate the care that you have given to my family and me over the last 4 years. I truly believe that your chiropractic care has helped my kids enter life with ease and has helped to keep my kids healthy.

I was especially moved by the care that you have given baby Jessie in her first year of life. Although she came into the world without event, she has stuggled with digestion and has not been the happiest baby. She has had trouble with gas and has been difficult to comfort, often preferring to be left alone. She has also been sensitive to numerous foods including breast milk.

As she has gotten older, been weaned, and her body matured, she has gotten somewhat better. I have felt that the adjustments and Bioset have been a big part of her development. Even since only weeks old, she is always happier, calmer and more comfortable after treatments. She is more relaxed and much less distressed for days and even weeks afterwards.

Very recently she had become irritable and unhappy, experiencing gastric distress and exhibiting a facial rash. I did not realize it had been a month since her last adjustment and Bioset treatment. After her treatment, Jessie’s rash dissipated, she was no longer distressed and she was visibly happier. My little Jessie who preferred not to be held kept climbing into my lap, hugging me and patting my back. She was thanking me for taking care of her.

So, I thank you for taking care of Jessie and her sister and brother, Jordan and Jared.


                    Dr. Randy Shulman