Chiropractic Care Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Sloves-I just want to thank you for the great care that you gave me during my pregnancy!  When my OB referred me to your office because my baby was breech, I did not realize a Chiropractor could help.  She recommended you specifically because of your expertise and success with pregnant moms and since I wanted to avoid a C-Section, I decided to see you.  Wow-am I glad I did!  After just the first visit I was feeling much better and after seeing my OB after 3 visits I was thrilled to find out my baby was no longer breech!  That was definitely the best Christmas present I could ever ask for-no surgery!!! I am excited to continue with care and bring in my newborn as well!  *Anna D.

You can live like this ...

I was referred to Dr. Sloves by my midwives for migraines and back pain during my pregnancy.  The migraines were debilitating at times and as my pregnancy progressed I had pelvic pain and more headaches.  I had already tried acupuncture with no relief but after just 2 chiropractic visits with Dr. Sloves I felt so much better!  I was nervous but Dr. Sloves made me feel very comfortable and it felt really good.  I have already recommended Dr. Sloves and chiropractic care to 2 pregnant and a few non-pregnant friends.  I believe it helps to adjust the body and calm the mind as well!  - Jennifer C.

Chiropractic care is excellent for breech turning!

I was referred to Dr. Sloves by a friend during my pregnancy because I was 36 weeks pregnant and my baby was breech and I had back pain.  I feared having a C Section and had already tried acupuncture without results.  With Dr. Sloves' treatment after just 2 adjustments over the course of 3 days my baby turned and I avoided a Cesarean Section!  Chiropractic care is excellent for breech turning! - Jennifer S.

Hoping to avoid Cesarean Section ...

I was referred to Dr. Sloves during my pregnancy by my yoga instructor, Kimberly Motill, who owns Family Tree Yoga.  My baby was in the brech presentation at 35 weeks and I was hoping to avoid a Cesarean Section. I also suffered from pregnancy related insomnia.  After just 1 chiropractic treatment my insomnia was gone!  Chiropractic was a bit different than I expected but after a few minutes I immediately noticed the difference.  I wish I knew about chiropractic care before my last trimester.  Although we were unable to turn my baby, I know that treatments helped tremendously overall and helped with a speedy recovery.  Dr. Sloves is so kind and helped me tremendously.  I will definitely consider starting chiropractic care much sooner next time I decide to go for baby #2 and I hope to bring my baby and family in for chiropractic care in the near future!       - Claudia M.

Combination of BioSet and Chiropratic Adjustments ...

After Dr. Joachim treated my sons with combination of BioSet and Chiropratic adjustments, all of their allergies vanished and have not returned. My husband's life long allergies have disappeared through Dr. Joachim's treatments as well.  We even got a dog which we thought we would never be able to do!

- Wendy Murphy

Alternative to Traditional Medicine ...

I feel healthier overall. I have no problem kicking those annoying winter cold - if I get them at all! For me, I fee as though my body is in harmony. Aches and pains, headaches, sinus problems are part of the past.  Dr. Risa Sloves and Dr. Mark Joachim at Associates in Family Chiropractic has kept me feeling great throughout a twin pregnancy. Finally, as a family, it has given us an alternative to "traditional" medicine in that we are proactive in our healthcare.

- Frank and Terri Wright

A Simple Thank You ...

Just a note of thanks to say: Thank you for all that you do!  Ashlee M. and Family!


Benefits of BioSET ...

My baby, Jessie, initially struggled with digestive problems, food sensitivities and a facial rash. The benefits of BioSet have been a big part of her development. She is always happier, more relaxed and much less distressed for days and even weeks after treatment. Thank you for the health care that you have given to her and the rest of my family over the past 6 years - it has helped them enter life with ease and kept us all healthy.

- Dr. Randy Schulman

Within Just 2 Weeks ...

I was referred to Dr. Sloves from Stroller Strides after she did a speaking engagement that I attended in 2008.  I had severe lower back pain and it was hard to walk, difficult to lift my kids, tough to get in and out of bed, etc.  Within just 2 weeks of vists at 2 times/week the worst of my pain was completely gone.  I always feel good after leaving my visits and I can walk much better than when I arrive.  I have 4 kids now and have gone to Dr. Sloves during pregnancy.  I would certainly recommend chiropractic care as long as you go to someone who is Board Certified.  Don't suffer through the pain!  Go take care of the problem knowing your baby will be safe and healthy!  -Jessica C.

Feeling Healthy and Happy ...

I had no energy, was depressed and extremely tired all the time, yet medical testing found "nothing wrong". After starting BioSet treatments I saw immediate results. I have lost weight, now run four to six times a week, work fulltime, spend quality time with my children, coach my ten-year-old's soccer team, and feel healthy and happy.

- Connie Prodromou

Do You Suffer From Bursitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? ...

Carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis, as many know, is very painful and unfortunately most people end up with prescription medications for anti-inflammatory or arthritic conditions.

There are also many who have to wear a sling or wrist brace for a long period of time.  This, however, is not effective long-term and does not address the causation of such pain.

In order to seek a cure you must first get to the cause, a very simple and basic theory.  In order to get some answers, I sought chiropractic care with Dr. Sloves and Dr. Joachim.  I had been in acute and chronic pain for nearly three months and my pain was no longer manageable.  After spending much time typing, writing and at the computer,  I awoke in the middle of the night with the most excruciating pain.  I could no longer lay down comfortably in any position and resigned myself to sleep sitting up.  Not only was it difficult to fall asleep without pain killers but I could not stay asleep, which inadvertently affected my energy level and prevented my body from having much needed rest in order to heal.  I was experiencing pain and insomnia and yet I thought it would somehow “just get better and go away”.

After my exam and x-rays, it was revealed by Dr. Sloves, that I was subluxated, had a bone spur, had also lost the normal curve in my neck,  and had lost some of the disc space between my vertebrae.  Although my goal had been to get out of acute pain and have the luxury of sleeping again in a lying position, I was truly astonished and alarmed of my current status and concerned about my future health.  It was imperative not only to have treatments and adjustments for my current pain, but to also prevent further spinal degeneration.  It made perfect sense!  If a vertebra is subluxated, which means “misaligned” the nerves can not carry the normal energy and the blood can’t carry the essential oxygen and nutrients to vital organs and tissues.  In my case, these subluxated vertebrae were pinching the main nerves in my neck and shoulder down to my arm, wrist and fingers.  Now I realized why I had such burning and tingling and lack of range of motion.

Since I have been receiving adjustments and treatments, I can truly say that my symptoms are gone!  Now, I am under corrective care; I can get a full night’s sleep, lying down normally!  I also have increased vitality and energy and I have significant improvement and range of motion.

It is time for healing, please do not think for a minute that you must suffer and endure drugs, splints and sleepless nights.  Chiropractic care is a way of life and I thank Associates In Family Chiropractic for a full recovery!

- Rev. Susan L. Roeder

Attention!! Good News for Migraine Patients! ...

You do not have to suffer with the pain and discomfort from migraine headaches any longer!  The cure is not in the bottle but in having Chiropractic Adjustments on a regular basis!

For months, I suffered with migraines at least 3-4 times a month.  The pain was debilitating and encompassed my neck and head.  This pain increased with time and lasted a period of 2-3 days.

Pain killers were not the answer.  I was taking 6 pills a day, over a three day period that meant 18 pills. When the medicine wore off, the pain was still present.  Not to mention,  how difficult it was to even hold down those pills because of other migraine symptoms like nausea.  It has also been proven that it is very dangerous to take NSAIDS or pills containing ibuprofen for an extended period of time, as it can cause ulcers and perforations to the stomach.  I was in a no win situation.

I am glad to say that since I have been under chiropractic care with Dr. Sloves and Dr. Joachim for just over one month that I no longer suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, not even during PMS!  To me, that is absolutely amazing results in very little time.   No more pain, no more drugs, no more mental congestion; needless to say, my quality of life has returned via chiropractic adjustments.

So, if you or a loved one is or has suffered with migraine pain, be sure to tell them about chiropractic care.  You will be giving them the greatest gift imagined, the gift of wholeness and quality of life.  I am grateful to these two fine Doctors of Chiropractic.  It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I am able to share this experience with others.


- Rev. Susan Lord- Roeder, D.D.

Four Years Since My Last Cigarette ...

Dr. Sloves,
 I can’t believe it’s almost four years since my last cigarette. After smoking two packs a day for forty years, I never thought I’d be smoke free. Hypnosis, gum and the patch all proved to be unsuccessful methods. One day I was venting my frustration with a friend and he mentioned acupuncture. Being a skeptic, I began laughing. He then told me how successfully it worked for several of his friends. I figured I had nothing to lose. He gave me your name and after two visits, smoking was history.
Thank you,

- Dave S.

Thanks Dr. Sloves for giving me my lungs and my life back! ...

I started smoking when I was a teenager and have smoked 1-2 packs/day since.  I have tried quitting cold-turkey several times before but it never really worked, tried the gums, patches…After coming to you for chiropractic care for my neck, I learned about acupuncture for smoking so I decided to give it a try.  It amazes me that I actually stopped smoking in just 2 treatments and I have not smoked in several years.  Thanks Dr. Sloves for giving me my lungs and my life back!

- Rick

Professional Manner ...

Dear Dr. Sloves,

I am writing this note to express my appreciation for your efforts, professional manner, and as an endorsement for your treatment.  The positive results attained, in a rather short time frame were beyond my expectations.  I did not believe my thirty-three (that’s 33 ) year-old condition would or could be significantly relieved.

I am pleasantly surprised.  Due to your chiropractic treatments-walking, sitting, and standing up are no longer painful events.  Now I can go to the mall, grocery store, or just visit with friends.  In essence: I am no longer “HOME BOUND” restricting my activities.

I must reiterate-thank you for your time and efforts.


- Jeffrey Jay R. L.

Now Able To Do More ...

Dr. Sloves,

Just wanted to send my best regards and tell you that I am now able to do more (play tennis twice a week and drive longer distances) so that overall I must be getting better.  I wanted to thank you for getting me on the road to recovery.


- Tony C.

Gratitude and Appreciation ...

Dr. Sloves,

Just a small note to express my gratitude and appreciation for all your help!


- Heidy A.

Chiropractic Allows Me to Be Pain Free ...

Dr. Sloves,

I first heard about Associates In Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care, P.C. through a newspaper article and since I have a physical job I suffered from a very stiff neck and lower back. The pain I had affected me every day and I had no relief from aspirin or stretching. Within my first visit to Dr. Sloves I started having relief and the treatment was very comfortable and relaxing. Chiropractic allows me to be pain free and I now have no pain or stiffness in the areas of my body that we overworked through my job and I can now work pain free!

- Frank E.

Severe Low Back Pain Relief ...

Dr. Sloves,

Wow-I heard about Dr. Joachim and Dr. Sloves many years ago through a friend and I first went to their office for severe low back pain. After my first treatment with Dr. Joachim I started to have improvement and I have referred many friends and family members over the past decade. I really appreciate all of the good treatment I have experienced with both doctors. “It works-it did for me and it should for you”

- Parry G.

Immediate Improvement ...

Dr. Sloves,

I was referred to Dr. Sloves from a friend and started seeing her for chiropractic care almost 20 years ago after a car accident.  I had pain and difficulty in all daily tasks, but started seeing immediate improvement with Dr. Sloves’ treatment.  Dr. Sloves has always gone beyond the care of duty and provides the highest quality of care.  She betters herself by keeping current with new procedures.  I never feel rushed and as a patient I always feel important.  Dr. Sloves cares about all of me (my whole body) not just my back.  She treats my family members and treats me like a family member!

- Anne S.

Recurring Eczema and Seasonal Allergies ...

Dr. Sloves,

I was referred to Dr. Sloves and Dr. Joachim through my insurance provider and sought treatment for chronic low back pain, recurring eczema and seasonal allergies. I had tried typical western medicine before which helped to a certain extent but it really just masked the problem. I started noticing changes within a few weeks and the treatments always relaxed me and I slept better afterwards. With regular adjustments, my back pain is controlled and I am pain free and my eczema is gone and has never recurred!

- Cortney U.

Not Had Another Ear Infection ...

Dr. Sloves,

My daughter had ear infections constantly from the time she was an infant. She had taken over 30 antibiotics in 3 years and failed her hearing test. Since I took her to Dr. Sloves, she has not had another ear infection or taken another antibiotic and her hearing is completely normal.

- Heather G.

Had Ear Infections Constantly ...

Dr. Sloves,

My 2 year old son had ear infections constantly since he was an infant and antibiotics were not working at all. He started chiropractic care with Dr. Sloves and has not had another infection since.

- Chris

Pediatrician Had No Other Answers ...

Dr. Sloves,

My son had constant ear infections since he was 6 months old and he was on one antibiotic after another. The pediatrician had no other answers and then recommended seeing an ENT for tubes. There was no way I was going to let my child have surgery. I started taking him to Dr. Sloves and she took the time to explain why children get ear infections and how taking care of them with chiropractic usually helps. She also gave me recommendations about nutrition, herbal ear drops and lymphatic massage to do at home. Since he started seeing Dr. Sloves he has never had another ear infection! When the pediatrician sees us for his “wellness visits” and asks us where we have been, I tell him at the Chiropractor!

- Jen

I Knew there Had to Be a Better Way ...

Dr. Sloves,

After my daughter had multiple ear infections and 2 sets of tubes and she was still getting ear infections, I knew there had to be a better way. I found out about Dr. Sloves from a lecture and started taking my daughter to her. The lecture was really informative about why the infections kept occurring and how gentle chiropractic care could really help. Dr. Sloves was great with my daughter and really made her feel comfortable and I am thrilled because she has not had another ear infection since we started!

- Tracey

Chiropractic Care for Your Children ...

Dr. Sloves,

My children and I have been patients of Dr. Sloves for many years and were originally referred to her by a good friend. Over the years I have had much relief from back pain and I also had relief from other health problems such as asthma and sinus conditions. When I was pregnant and experienced low back pain, Dr. Sloves helped a lot and I was able to go on with my life without the pain. Dr. Sloves makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and I would recommend chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy and for your children.

- Marie A.

Chiropractic Care Really Works! ...

Dr. Sloves,

A friend of mine told me about Dr. Sloves because I was having back pain and discomfort during my 3rd pregnancy which made it difficult to stand, walk and care for my other children and to perform my activities of daily living. Dr. Sloves made me feel at ease and after my first adjustment, I already had relief. Chiropractic care really works! Plus, Dr. Sloves is very professional (I have visited other alternative/non-traditional practitioners who seemed not to be from the same planet, maybe even galalxy).

- Linda L.

The Results Were Immediate! ...

Dr. Sloves,

I found Dr. Sloves when on was doing an internet search on-line because I had low back pain during my pregnancy. I went in the first place when I experienced lower back pain after starting to show (my weight became unbalanced). I had trouble walking and sitting and after sitting for a while I felt a sharp pain shoot down my leg. Because of prior trouble with my lower back, I thought I might be in for a rough pregnancy. With Dr. Sloves’s care, the results were immediate! After the first appointment, I felt a huge improvement and the treatment was really comfortable. With regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Sloves, I had a very comfortable pregnancy right up until the very end and there is no doubt in my mind that I would have been very uncomfortable if I had not gone to see her. I know for a fact that my pregnancy was MUCH more comfortable! After each appointment, I felt great-my posture was better, I “waddled” less and overall I felt great walking out of the office each time. I would recommend Dr. Sloves to anyone who is pregnant because it made such a huge difference in the way I felt!.

- Megan P.

Chronic Ear Infections ...

My son, Christopher, has suffered from chronic ear infections for a couple of years.  After trying tubes twice with minimal success, we struggled with the decision of putting in a 3rd set.  We got multiple opinions from different M.D.s.  After sharing my concerns with a friend, she suggested trying chiropractic care with Dr. Sloves.  I am a certified nurse midwife and believe in a more natural holistic care approach but although I was still hesitant,  I thought I would give it a try.  We have had an amazing experience!  My son has had on ly 2 ear infections in over a year, both treated without antibiotics and only with Dr. Sloves and chiropractic adjustments.  I would strongly recommend this approach and Dr. Sloves to anyone!

Carrie W.

Phenomenal Holistic Approach ...

Chiropractic care is a phenomenal holistic approach to medicine.  It really is for anyone with any kind of back, leg or neck pain.  But it's also so much more!  I first came to Dr. Sloves because of a pulled muscle in my lower back. After just a few weeks of chiropractic care, I was able to walk again without pain!  I realized after 15 years of being on medication, the drugs in my body affected my muscle movement.  With the right chiropractic care, your body can be restored t its normal physical self.  It's not jsut for physical ailments and aligning your spine, it's also therapeutic for the brain.  Chiropractic care releases the pain from your bones and muscles which provides you with peace of mind.  If you're not in pain, you're not thinking about it , and that is very healing psychologically.  By releasing the stress off of your muscles and bones physically, it releases the stress of your nervous system.  It is a continuous cycle of mind, body and soul.  It's very therapeutic.  I highly recommend you give Dr. Sloves and Chiropractic Care a try!

Patti T.

Chronic Headache Relief ...

I was referred to Dr. Risa Sloves through a friend because I was suffering with chronic headaches that were effecting my daily activities including concentration, sleep and exercise.  I had tried chiropractic with another doctor in the past as well as massage therapy and yoga but they did not provide much relief and any relief was not long term.  Whne I started seeing Dr. Sloves my headaches almost instantly disappeared!  The treatments were comfortable and relaxing.  I was really happy to have such a thorough exam and x-rays before even being touched.  In the past, I've experienced abrupt treament without really knowing the actual problem.  Dr. Sloves' comprehensive, first approach was what kept me following through with treatment and of course the relief was great!  I've had much less frequent headaches and look forward to it staying this way!

Jaime T.

Absolutely Recommend Chiropractic Care ...

I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care with Dr. Sloves during your pregnancy!  This is my third pregnancy and I had care the whole way through this time. It made such a huge difference.  I wish I would have known with my first two.  I felt so much stronger and I had virtually no back pain.  It is an absolute must during pregancy!

Lynn T.

After Just One Visit ...

                                                                            Special Results!

I was referred to Dr. Sloves by my hypnobirthing instructor because I had low back and pelvic pain during my pregnancy.  I could not walk or move my lower body without pain and I was miserable!  The pain radiated into my knees whenever I walk or exercised. I had tried massage therapy but it only provided minimal and temporary relief.  Then I went to Dr. Sloves and after just one visit I had significant relief and after a few chiropractic treatments with her I could barely feel any pain anymore!  The treatments were excellent: relaxing and relieving.  Chiropractic care is a must!  Even if you feel like nothing is wrong, an adjustment will still help and you will be surprised at how good you will feel!

Anaica Q.