Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Chiropractic- The Natural Choice For A Healthy Pregnancy!

Chiropractic care for pregnant woman As a mother-to-be it is extremely important for your body to be as healthy and strong as possible in order to handle the stress of pregnancy, child-birth, and caring for your baby.

Since your brain and nervous system control the function of every cell, tissue, and organ of your body (and our unborn baby's body), it is vitally important for your nervous system to operate at 100% for optimal health. Your spine protects your spinal cord and when a spinal bone shifts out of normal alignment it may produce abnormal motion and damaging pressure on spinal nerves. This condition is known as vertebral subluxation, and if present, it may interrupt vital nerve flow within your body and to your developing baby.

Chiropractic care corrects subluxations which interfere with normal body function. Subluxations are an inherent part of pregnancy because during pregnancy, the dynamics of the spine and pelvis change dramatically and the potential for damage to the musculoskeletal system is great. When a woman is pregnant, her growing uterus produces a shift in her center of gravity. Along with the hormonal changes that occur, her posture becomes unstable and as a result stresses her joints, nerves, muscles and connective tissue. By the end of her pregnancy, the brain and nervous system have reconfigured its image of her body in balance and has adapted to abnormal postural alignment.

The Benefits

Realignment of the spine and pelvis can be achieved through chiropractic care. Studies have shown that this approach during pregnancy helps alleviate common discomforts (such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, nausea/vomiting and carpal tunnel syndrome), decreases pain during labor and delivery and reduces mean labor time. Other benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include decreased likelihood of breech delivery, reduced cesarean rate, less labor intervention, and a sense of well being. In addition, research has shown that chiropractic care may play an essential role in helping women who have experienced infertility.

With this knowledge it becomes clear that the chiropractic physician plays an important role in the care of your body before, during and after pregnancy. Dr. Risa Sloves is currently 1 of 6 Chiropractic Physicians in Connecticut with Board Certification in Pregnancy and Pediatric Care and she is certified in the Webster Technique and Bagnell Technique which help breech babies get into the best possible position for birth. She has two beautiful and healthy daughters who were both delivered naturally, and over the past 16 years, she has helped hundreds of pregnant women have comfortable pregnancies and wonderful deliveries. Dr. Sloves' goal is to help every pregnant woman have a healthy, natural delivery and to enjoy this most powerful identity changing experience.

Pregnancy Testimonials

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Special Results

My children and I have been patients of Dr. Sloves for many years and were originally referred to her by a good friend.  Over the years I have had much relief from back pain and I also had relief from other health problems such as asthma and sinus conditions. When I was pregnant and experienced low back pain, Dr. Sloves helped a lot and I was able to go on with my life without the pain.  Dr. Sloves makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and I would recommend chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy and for your children.

Marie A.


Special Results!

A friend of mine told me about Dr. Sloves because I was having back pain and discomfort during my 3rd pregnancy which made it difficult to stand, walk and care for my other children and to perform my activities of daily living.  Dr. Sloves made me feel at ease and after my first adjustment, I already had relief. Chiropractic care really works!  Plus, Dr. Sloves is very professional (I have visited other alternative/non-traditional practitioners who seemed not to be from the same planet, maybe even galalxy).
Linda L.


Special Results!

I found Dr. Sloves when on was doing an internet search on-line because I had low back pain during my pregnancy. I went in the first place when I experienced lower back pain after starting to show (my weight became unbalanced).  I had trouble walking and sitting and after sitting for a while I felt a sharp pain shoot down my leg.  Because of prior trouble with my lower back, I thought I might be in for a rough pregnancy.  With Dr. Sloves’s care, the results were immediate!  After the first appointment, I felt a huge improvement and the treatment was really comfortable.  With regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Sloves, I had a very comfortable pregnancy right up until the very end and there is no doubt in my mind that I would have been very uncomfortable if I had not gone to see her.  I know for a fact that my pregnancy was MUCH more comfortable! After each appointment, I felt great-my posture was better, I “waddled” less and overall I felt great walking out of the office each time.  I would recommend Dr. Sloves to anyone who is pregnant because it made such a huge difference in the way I felt!
Megan P.

                                                                          Special Results!


I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care with Dr. Sloves during your pregnancy!  This is my third pregnancy and I had care the whole way through this time. It made such a huge difference.  I wish I would have known with my first two.  I felt so much stronger and I had virtually no back pain.  It is an absolute must during pregancy!

Lynn T.


                                                                           Special Results!

I was referred to Dr. Sloves by my hypnobirthing instructor because I had low back and pelvic pain during my pregnancy.  I could not walk or move my lower body without pain and I was miserable!  The pain radiated into my knees whenever I walk or exercised. I had tried massage therapy but it only provided minimal and temporary relief.  Then I went to Dr. Sloves and after just one visit I had significant relief and after a few chiropractic treatments with her I could barely feel any pain anymore!  The treatments were excellent: relaxing and relieving.  Chiropractic care is a must!  Even if you feel like nothing is wrong, an adjustment will still help and you will be surprised at how good you will feel!

Anaica Q.