DRX 9000 Testimonials

It's Incredible!

Posted: March 24, 2015
By: Maria Cirifalco

" I had severe pain at my right hip going down my leg to the ankle, making going up the stairs painful and pain on rising from a seating position. I had to wait a few minutes before I could walk and when I took the first few steps it was very painful. At times I would have to go upstairs hanging on the railing with both feet on each step. I really did not know what the problem was until I had an x-ray and MRI done. I had tried chiropractic treatments which helped to some degree, but then I saw an Ad in the newspaper about the DRX 9000. After 4 treatments, I noticed changes in my back pain. The treatments are very comfortable and relaxing. It's incredible! What a great alternative to surgery or painkillers."