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If My Lab Results Are Normal Why Do I Still Feel Sick?

Posted: September 12, 2015
By: Dr. Mark Joachim


       If  My Lab Results Are Normal, Why Do I Still Feel Sick?

Unfortunately this is a very common and all too often heard complaint of patients.  They have been poked and probed and had multiple types of diagnostic imaging and everything is "normal" according to their MD. "How can that be?" they ask if they are not feeling well. Typical responses will include "You're stressed " 'You're not eating properly"  "You're not sleeping enough" and on and on go the explanations. The challenge is that the people who are still not feeling well do all the right things. They eat right, workout, sleep, meditate ........ So why don't they feel well?  

We all agree that when someone does not feel well something is wrong, no matter how minor it may seem to be. The body is not working properly or at ease with itself (dis-ease). Agree. Then perhaps we need to look at the condition and testing from a different view point.

 First, perhaps the medical tests can only detect pathology and aren't sensitive enough to detect minor problems which are related to poor function (dis-ease). If the body is not sick enough, then the medical testing will not detect a problem. The second issue, pertaining to blood work, is the blood lab value ranges are too big and again does not indicate a problem because the person is not sick enough. Also through time, the averages of lab values  have increased and therefore the ranges have been skewed to a sick society. So in fact, there really are more sick people than lab values indicate as "normal".

When  performing a thorough evaluation utilizing blood, urine, stool and hair analysis and evaluating with functional ranges instead of pathological ranges, dysfunction can truly be determined and improving function and physiology using diet, supplements and lifestyle changes can be implemented to obtain a better state of health.  

Dr. Mark Joachim, D.C. F.I.A.M.A.

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